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5 things to think about before your Will appointment

Written by

Judith Hurle

Published on

March 22, 2021

There are a lot of big decisions that go into your Will – such as who will ensure that your wishes are carried out correctly, or if you have children under 18 who will look after them if you die? Whilst these decisions don’t necessarily need to be made before your Will appointment, it’s a good idea to think them through before your meeting with your lawyer.

Judith Hurle from our Wills & Probate team talks us through 5 things to consider before your Will appointment.

  1. Legal responsibility for carrying out your will – You will need to appoint an executor to administer your will after you’ve died, this is someone you trust to ensure your wishes are followed. Most people choose two executors. It can be quite a burden, so we would be happy for you to appoint Amphlett Lissimore to do this for you, perhaps working alongside a trusted friend or relative. We can explain the costs involved – so that you know your affairs are left in a safe pair of hands.
  2. Your funeral wishes – You can use your will to give your preference for burial or cremation and any religious requirements. Whilst it does not bind your executors, it highlights the importance of appointing people you trust to carry out your wishes.
  3. Gifts of money, property, and personal items – We will need full details of each gift and who you would like them to go to, including their full name and address. This is very important especially, when gifting to charity as many charities have similar names.
  4. Guardian for children – If you have children under 18 you can decide who you would like to appoint as guardian to look after them if both you and their other parent were to die. This is usually a trusted close relative. You will need to discuss this with them as they would need to have the capability to take on this role.
  5. Everything else – After any gifts made by you, payment of tax, debts and your funeral costs, you need to decide who you would like to receive everything else. This is usually your partner, charity or your children.

Finally… Don’t worry if you haven’t made all of these decisions yet – that’s what our service is all about – helping you to understand the options and make the decisions that are right for you.

If you would like to learn more about having a lawyer write your Will and the costs involved then call 020 8771 5254 and ask to speak to a member of the Wills & Probate team who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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