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The Benefits of Family Mediation

Published on

January 19, 2022

A couple taking part in a family mediation session

Samantha O’Dwyer, a Family law solicitor and mediator, explains the benefits of Family Mediation when separating from your partner.

Mediation gives a CLEAR pathway to resolving your family disputes without having to involve lawyers and the court.


Child focused – All mediation has your children at the forefront of discussions


Lasting results – Mediation has been shown to provide long lasting agreements between couples.


Expense – Mediation is less expensive than litigation and costs are clear throughout the process


All issues are dealt with in the mediation process but you are in control of the decision making


Reduces stress and improves communication in a supportive environment

Mediation helps people who have decided to separate to talk things through in a supportive environment. Our family mediators are trained to help you discuss and agree on the best arrangements for your family. These arrangements may be about your children, your home and money, or the practicalities of how life will work in the future.

Do you think Family Mediation might be right for you? Contact our Family team on 020 8771 5254 or through our enquiry form below to learn more and book an appointment.

About the Author

Samantha O’Dwyer is an accredited family mediator and solicitor, based in West Wickham.

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