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Business Dispute Resolution

The business world is a complicated place to have a dispute. However, as the market grows, so does the number of disputes. Disputes have become a fact of business life. These can be time-consuming, costly and damaging to any business.

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We have extensive experience of managing, winning and resolving a wide range of commercial disputes in the county courts, high courts and in the appeal courts. We have acted for a variety of commercial clients, from companies to partnerships and sole traders.

An effective dispute resolution allows you to minimise the costs and prevent you from the damage that an aggressive way of solving the dispute could create. We do things properly, and from experience, we believe that it is always better for our clients to solve an issue in a measured way. We fight in your corner and get involved in your dispute so that we can resolve it for you as effectively as possible.

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If you understand how a business works, you will probably know that each business is completely different. We do think about you in your specific circumstances, that is why we give a clear and pragmatic advice to our clients. We care about formulating a decisive strategy to resolve disputes in a way that best fits our client’s needs.

We handle the full range of contentious issues that affect them, including contract, property, construction and insurance disputes, landlord and tenant and possession matters and professional negligence claims. Furthermore, we can advise on internal problems such as: shareholder and partnership disputes, on insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings and a wide range of employment issues.

When you face a dispute, you no doubt dread the prospect of legal proceedings as the only solution. However, from our experience we can tell you that in some specific cases there are more ways to solve a dispute in a quick and effective way.

These are the arbitration and mediation processes, which avoid the expense and delay of legal proceedings and can resolve disputes quickly and efficiently.

Our property related litigation and dispute resolution practice advises and represents commercial landlords and tenants in disputes. These may be over the grant of new leases, disrepair and dilapidations, breaches of covenant and regaining possession of property.

Having worked in disputes resolution for over 20 years, we know every dispute is different, sometimes is aggressive, sometimes not. However, it is always a headache. Therefore, our primary objective is to help you avoid disputes if possible; we can also give you advice on pre-emptive steps that can be taken to minimise the likelihood of disputes arising.

Whether you have more questions about disputes resolution or you want to talk about your case with our specialist, do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8771 5254.

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