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No one goes into a civil partnership thinking it is going to end in Dissolution. At Amphlett Lissimore, we are here to support and guide you through the process when sadly this happens.

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A civil partnership can only be ended by a Dissolution order. But as with a divorce, this order doesn’t deal with the nitty gritty of what people worry about when they separate – the house, the kids. All of these are agreed via child and financial arrangements.

At Amphlett Lissimore we offer a fixed fee package for couples looking to dissolve their marriage or civil partnership without any financial and property dispute, or child arrangements to be sorted out.

The cost-effective solution to a divorce and/or civil partnership dissolution proceedings ensures that it is clear from the outset what the costs will be without compromising the professional support, advice, and guidance that is needed.

How much does a fixed-fee civil partnership dissolution cost?

The fixed fee service is for uncontested dissolutions only (no-fault divorce package) and can be used if you are the applicant, the person applying for the dissolution (formerly known as Petitioner) for a fee of £675 + VAT plus the court fee of £593 totalling £1,403.  If you are the Respondent (the person who is receiving the divorce papers) the fee is £300 + VAT totalling £360.  If you initiate the application, then you are responsible for paying the court fee. Now, due to the Divorce, Dissolution, and Separation Act 2020, you and your partner can complete a joint application. For this, the fees are the same as if you were a single applicant.

If you are the applicant/ joint applicants, the fees included above will include the initial discussion with your lawyer regarding the divorce, only, and issuing the application with the court.  It includes discussions with the Respondent to enable the application to be issued with the court but will not involve any discussions involving children or financial matters which may arise from the separation.  It will also involve your lawyer preparing the application for a conditional order (formerly Decree Nisi) and preparing and issuing the application for a final order.

If you are the Respondent then the fees included above will include an initial discussion with your lawyer relating to the civil partnership dissolution, only, reviewing the application from the Applicant and ensuring that the conditional order and final order are applied for.

What about financial and child arrangements?

Remember that any financial, property or child arrangements are separate and are not included in a fixed-fee dissolution. We can of course help you with these as well and can separately discuss the costs of these.

Want to learn more about fixed-fee civil partnership dissolution? Call us on 020 8771 5254 and ask to speak to our Family law team for a free initial assessment of your family matter.

‘Know where you stand’ meeting

At Amphlett Lissimore, we have an experienced Family Law team who can help you through the process of ending a civil partnership. Many of our clients have found an initial fixed fee meeting hugely beneficial as a first port of call. This is where we can tell you where you stand legally and discuss how you can use this information to move forward to resolve future plans with your partner.

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As members of Resolution, we are committed to doing whatever we can to help you resolve issues constructively. Our Family Law team are based across our offices in Crystal PalaceBromley, and West Wickham, but are only a phone call away.

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