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Financial Arrangements

How a couple’s assets and income can be used to create and support two households instead of one is often the biggest worry for most separating couples. At Amphlett Lissimore, we’re here to help you and your ex-partner reach an agreement.

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Financial Arrangements are separate to Divorce

In England and Wales, the divorce itself does not end the financial claims whether what you own is in joint or individual names.  Financial claims continue and need to be sorted separately. If they are not this may cause problems later.

In addition to the family home that the couple shared together there may be savings, a business, or pension. One person may have owned something before the marriage or something may have been acquired after separation. It might be necessary for one person to receive a regular monthly payment from the other for themselves and/or for the children. Our experienced Family Law team can help work through this with you.

How we can help?

We recognise that most people prefer to keep control and to sort things out between them if they can. They will want to use a lawyer as little as possible to keep the fuss (and expense!) to a minimum. With the right information and support couples are able to reach a financial agreement. Former clients have told us that the fixed fee first meeting has enabled them to do just this.

The focus of this meeting is to provide advice to people on the practical issues they are worrying about and focus their thoughts on solution from then on. We let our clients know where they stand legally and how they might resolve the matters they need to agree on with minimum involvement from us. To learn more about our fixed price first meetings, click here.

Some people need more support because there is a complicating factor. One factor might be a relationship which does not support a constructive approach. At Amphlett Lissimore we offer family mediation as well as using the full force of the court when this is in your best interests. We know how these processes work and match you to the process which is most likely to be successful. We will discuss all of this in the initial fixed fee meeting. We are dedicated to using our knowledge and experience to make what at first appears a daunting task simpler for you.

What happens when we have agreed it all?

Once a financial settlement has been agreed, we will be on hand to prepare the paperwork to create a legally binding agreement. This will give you certainty for the future.

About our Family Law team

Our Family Law team are all Resolution members and are committed to resolving family matters in a constructive way. Some of our solicitors hold the Family Law advanced accreditation from the Law Society, others are accredited specialists with Resolution. We have trained Mediators within the team. The Family Law team are based throughout South London in Crystal PalaceBromley, and West Wickham, but we are always just a phone call away wherever you are, speak to one of us on 020 8771 5254.

Whatever the legal issue that is affecting your family; we have specialists to help you.

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