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JS Defence Lawyers

Written by

Toni Wensley

Published on

February 29, 2024

JS Defence Lawyers

As part of a re-organisation at Amphlett Lissimore, the lawyers and other staff who do criminal law work are to move to a new firm, JS Defence, headed by Jaysen Seeboruth, who has been part of our criminal defence department at Amphlett Lissimore for many years.

“The Partners at Amphlett Lissimore are proud of the criminal legal service we have been able to offer to our countless clients over the past decades. We are delighted that our former colleague Jaysen Seeboruth is leading a new specialist law firm JS Legal Defence, surrounded by a team of experts who will continue to provide the highest quality service to existing and future clients. We wish him and his team all the very best.” – Toni Wensley, Partner in charge of Operations.

“The strength in this news is that the former Amphlett Lissimore team will continue to provide criminal legal representation to those in need. There are many challenges faced by lawyers in this field and I am delighted to retain such a dedicated team who do their utmost for those seeking our help. We all thank the partners at Amphlett Lissimore for all their help, and for providing the foundations upon which the department has practiced successfully for decades. We look forward with optimism and will build on the high standards shown not only by the lawyers, but support staff and infrastructure.” – Jaysen Seeboruth, JS Defence.

Based in Bromley, JS Defence is a dedicated Criminal Law Practice can help you with defending any criminal prosecution you may be facing whether that be a motoring offence, low level crime, through to serious organised crime and homicide.

JS Defence Lawyers
Address: Commercial House, 2 Newman Road, Bromley, BR1 1RJ, England
Tel: 020 3011 4890

Visit their website to learn more –


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