No-Fault Divorce and Family Mediation – So how can the two work together?

Mediation can dovetail nicely with the ethos of no-fault divorce. The changes to the divorce procedure and the ability to make an application online is likely to remove the need to mediate over the divorce process itself. However, it is fair to say that was a small part of the mediation process. Remember, the actual divorce is the legal process of ending the marriage and does not include agreements on financial or child arrangements. This is where no-fault divorce and family mediation can work together.

Whilst mediation remains the most cost efficient, least stressful, and expeditious way to resolve issues which naturally flow from separation, it should not be considered as an easy option. Mediation requires commitment, honesty, and a willingness to compromise to find financial solutions to your living apart and ways to co-parent children in the future.  It is also fair to say that it is not for everyone. It remains advisable that both parties seek independent legal advice during the mediation process, especially before final options/decisions are made.