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Divorce Day: Do more people get divorced in January?

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January 8, 2024

January has become known as “divorce month” due to a common misconception that January is the month that people make the most enquiries with lawyers regarding a separation. The first working day Monday of the year has also become known as ‘Divorce Day’ which this year falls on Monday 8 January, which has been marked by the media as being the busiest day for divorce enquiries. The reason behind this myth seems to stem from people believing that the additional stress of Christmas is a factor to separate, people spend too much time with their family and then start to re-evaluate their life or people start the year wanting a fresh start (there is also a spike in house hunting and searches for new jobs).

At Amphlett Lissimore, we wanted to dispel the myth that has become a worldwide phenomenon. We analysed our own data for the last three years to look at the months that had the most enquiries. And guess what? January was not one of them.

When do people get divorced?

From analysing the data for new enquiries for 2021-2023 it shows that in 2023 August was the busiest month for new enquiries, with November being the busiest month for 2022 and June for 2021. What is even more poignant, is that the November 2023 enquiries were double the number for January 2023.

As can be seen, there can be no rhyme or reason behind why the different months above are the most popular for separating couples to approach solicitors. The decision to divorce can happen at anytime in the year, and what is crucial is that whichever month the decision is made that the necessary time and consideration has been taken by the individual to reflect on their situation. They should consider marriage counselling (if appropriate), talk to their partner, and only approach a solicitor if they have reached a conclusion that their relationship has come to an end, and is irretrievable. This can take some time.

Know where you stand with an initial meeting

At Amphlett Lissimore, we offer a fixed fee meeting where our specialist family lawyers condense all the important stuff into an hour-long session, and then follow this up with their advice and recommendations in writing. If you are considering divorcing your partner, our initial meeting will help you to explore and understand all your options. Our family law experts will help you to determine your best possible outcome and how we can help you to achieve it.

About our Family Law Team

Our team of family law specialists are based at offices across South London. As members of Resolution, our family solicitors and lawyers are committed to resolving disputes in a non-confrontational way whenever this is possible.
To learn more about our services or to book an appointment, call the team on 020 8771 5254 or fill in the contact form and request a callback.

About Estella Newbold-Brown

Estella Newbold-Brown is a partner and head of the family law department. Estella specialises in divorce, pre-nuptial agreements, and child arrangements, including parental responsibility orders.


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