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Amphlett Lissimore launches fixed fee divorce service

Published on

December 2, 2022

We are delighted to announce that we are now offering a fixed fee divorce package for uncontested no-fault divorces.

It is Good Divorce Week but here at Amphlett Lissimore, we appreciate that a divorce can happen at any time and understand that linking such a sad event with the word ‘Good’ might seem strange. So how about this… How can we help to make your divorce as good as it can be? The breakdown of your relationship will always have an impact, but HOW you divorce could potentially reduce or increase that trauma.

At Amphlett Lissimore, we aim to help you divorce with minimum additional distress, to make the process as cost-effective as possible, and importantly, to make the whole experience as good as it can be.

Fixed fee no fault divorce

We know that the cost-of-living crisis is hitting hard and so we have launched our fixed fee divorce service to help our clients. You will be able to use our specialist family law team to deal with the dissolution of your marriage at a transparent fixed fee of £675.00 plus VAT for an uncontested no fault divorce (plus the fee paid to the court of £593) if you are the Applicant or £300 + VAT if you are the Respondent. Most divorces will be eligible, but we will tell you if this does not or cannot apply to you e.g. international or contested divorces.

Our fixed fee divorce service will include initial discussions with your solicitor regarding the divorce only, your solicitor drafting the divorce application and issuing this with the court. It includes discussions with the Respondent to enable the divorce application to be issued with the court, and your solicitor preparing and issuing the application for a Conditional Order and preparing and issuing the application for a Final Order. If you are a respondent, this will include an initial discussion with your solicitor relating to the divorce only. Your solicitor reviewing the divorce application from the other party and ensuring that the Conditional Order and Final Order are applied for.

Remember – Financial and child arrangements are separate to the divorce. You may wish to discuss these or something else arising from your separation. We offer a fixed fee initial consultation that can help with these.

‘Where you stand’ initial consultation fixed fee service

If you are struggling to understand the impact of your marriage breaking down, we have the answers and will provide them in this first meeting (and confirm in writing afterwards) for a fixed fee.

“Friendly and helpful service… I went into the consultation not sure about where I stood and what my legal position was… I came away feeling more confident and with a plan about how to move forward.”


So many of our clients have said that they felt a sense of relief after that meeting. Please contact us if you want to feel like that too.

Whether you feel agreement is possible or anticipate agreement to be impossible, we will help you identify and use the process that achieves what needs to be achieved as easily as possible. If you require assistance in dealing with the financial aspects of your divorce or any child related or other issues, we have experts in all aspects in family law and will be more than happy to discuss all the bespoke services we provide.

About our Family Law team

Our Family Law team are all Resolution members and are committed to resolving family matters in a constructive way. We have 3 trained family mediators within the team. The Family Law team are based throughout South London in Crystal Palace, Bromley, and West Wickham, but we are always just a phone call away, speak to one of us on 020 8771 5254.

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