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Resolution launches its Vision for Family Justice

Published on

November 27, 2023

Resolution launches its Vision for Family Justice

This year, to celebrate its 40th Anniversary, Resolution is using its annual Awareness Week to launch its Vision for Family Justice. This vision focuses on the need for cohabitation reform and the importance of early legal advice.

Resolution is a community of family law professionals who are committed to working with families and individuals to resolve issues and disputes in a constructive way. The recommendations in their Vision are based on the views and experiences of over a thousand Resolution members through surveys, focus groups, and discussions with its committees across the country. At Amphlett Lissimore, all of our family solicitors and lawyers are proud to be members of Resolution and support its Vision for Family Justice,

Estella Newbold-Brown, partner and head of Family Law at Amphlett Lissimore, said; “I am proud to support Resolution’s Vision for Family Justice. I am passionate about the five visions, in particular the reforms relating to modern families as it is vital for the law to change with the times.”

According to House of Commons Library research 1.5 million couples cohabited in 1996, but that figure increased by 144% over the following 25 years to 3.6 million in 2021. According to the recent Resolution polling 83% of respondents believe that cohabiting will become even more popular in future.

Grant Cameron, National Chair of Resolution, said, “For 40 years, Resolution has been campaigning for reforms which help couples who separate to do so more amicably and constructively – which is why cohabitation reform is front and centre of our Vision for Family Justice.

“The shape of families across England and Wales is changing – and our laws need to keep up.”

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